Our Roots
The Mody Pumps® heritage began in 1957 with our beloved patriarch, D.N. Mody. He, by dint of genius, will and innovative spirit, became the first local manufacturer of 4” and 6” submersible turbine pumps in India. The product range then grew to include a full line of submersible dewatering, sludge, and water pumps. Then, as now and through the decades in between, D.N. Mody’s zeal for artisanship defined Mody Pumps®. Looking forward, we preserve the same mandate to make and support the most suitable pump for the customer’s needs.

In 1996, Mody Pumps® began its global journey in earnest from assembly and sales facilities in Bakersfield, California. Since then, manufacturing, testing, and a full complement of administrative activities keep our Bakersfield headquarters humming. Our distribution network has strengthened, both in numbers and in the nature of relationships with our distributors. We have boosted after-sales support by developing and nurturing a rising count of qualified service centers all over the world.

Our Goal
We aim to build and sustain every pump to achieve its intended use at a legitimate cost. As we grow and widen our reach, we continue to find the best rewards when we keep our customer at the core of our work. So while a keen eye on the market is vital to our growth, our focus chiefly rests on making the value of our product endure for you, our customer. Whenever you need us, you will find us. And we will be more driven than you in getting the answers that will help you best.