Mody Pumps®, Inc. maintains headquarters in Bakersfield, California. These offices, warehouse, and test center sit just 110 miles north of Los Angeles, along major North American transport corridors.


Mody Pumps® (India) Pvt. Ltd. operates its manufacturing plant in Metropolitan Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Positioned as it is within a densely industrial zone of multinational enterprises, the factory enjoys easy access to road, rail, sea, and air carriage links. Rigorous, leading-edge procedures subject pumps of up to 150hp to performance testing at both 50Hz and 60Hz, and in virtually any voltage combinations.

In 2012, Mody Pumps® Sales & Service Pvt. Ltd. was formed to support all local sales and maintenance contracts on the Indian subcontinent. Another addition to the Mody Pumps® complex in Metro Mumbai is the Machine Shop that includes CNC Turning Centers and Vertical Turning Lathes, and employs the latest Dassault SolidWorks 3D CAD/CAM software for product design, analysis, and data management.


Mody Pumps® Europe serves the European Union, Russia, Central Asian States, and North Africa. The full-service sales and maintenance center in the town of Tiel in the Netherlands is less than 50 miles south of Amsterdam.

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